• Cheek Blossom Blush On

    If you’re looking for a highly pigmented, long-lasting blush, Implora Cheek Blossom Blush On is a great option. The easily buildable blush onto the skin providing a flawless, natural-looking burst of color.

    Available in four shades that work beautifully on a wide range of skin tones.

  • Clear Beauty Moisture Lipstick

    NEW lipstick collection for every girls. Feels soft and comfortable on your lips with fabulous shades. Available in 12 wearable colors

  • Compact Powder

    The powder with two way cake and foundation inside, comes in more stylish new package to makes a charming and radiant look on your beautiful face. Soft, long lasting and flawless for everyday use.

  • Complete Beauty Care

    The combination of powder, eyeshadow and lipstick in one package for perfect face makeup. Embrace your elegant sides.

  • Implora Buy 2 Lip cream All Variant Free 1 Pensil Alis Silver

    Spesial promo!!!
    Beli 2 Lip cream Gratis 1 Pensil Alis Silver!!
    Klik 1 barang = Dapat 2 lip cream (BERLAKU KELIPATAN)

    Variant shade :
    01 : Dusky nude
    02 : Terra cotta
    03 : Dark berry
    04 : Medeline
    05 : Allure
    06 : Lumiere
    07 : Truffle mauve
    08 : Pink latte
    09 : Butterscotch
    10 : Gingerbread
    11 : Red bean
    12 : Brown sugar

  • Implora Cheek and Lip Tint

    All you need to do is dab a bit of pigment on the center of your lips, smack them together, and go on with your day! Not a single drop of color will travel to your teeth, and post-meal reapplication won’t be a concern. You might as well consider the Implora Cheek & Liptint as a list of your lip products.

  • Implora Deep Black Mascara

    Implora deep black mascara, make your dream come true to make your elegant lashes. A long lasting and matte black mascara that delivers major volume and dramatic curl. Extra volume, Extra thick and Extra black.

  • Implora Eyebrow Pencil

    You will need a fire eyebrow pencil for getting bomb eyebrow. The right pencil will literally take your arches to new heights and fill in even the sparsest of brows.

    Try Implora Eyebrow Pencil. Available on 5 best colors: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey Brown, Silver.

  • Implora Eyeliner Pen

    Implora Eyeliner Pen, with the soft and pointed brush tip makes your eyes look bold and dramatic. Show your elegance and luxury up to 24 hours long.

  • Implora Eyeshadow Palette

    NEW Eyeshadow Palette by Implora for you to explore! More colors more styles! Casual, Glam, Stunning and Fashionable. Why choose one if you can have all of them?
    – Twillight
    – Ocean
    – Desert
    – Dawn

  • Implora Eyeshadow Palette 7007

    Eyes can convey what you cannot express. Implora The Brights Eyeshadow & Blush On Pallete is the most important part of your daily needs to helps express the deepest feelings within you.

  • Implora Eyeshadow Palette 7669B

    The Implora 7669B eyeshadow palette comes with a soft texture that blends perfectly into your skin and lasts all day long. Create your own elegant, chic and charming eye look.